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"Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one."                                                                                                                                - Thomas Paine
Welcome to THE GOOD GOVERNMENT PROJECT website. The United States of America, is plagued by a wide range of political problems: foreign wars, financial catastrophes, ecological disasters, earmark spending, negative campaigning, political instability, and a population very dissatisfied with the present political state of affairs. Our present political institutions and Constitution don’t seem adequate to handle these problems. But why do we need a new constitution?  Wouldn't it be enough to make changes to the present Constitution, using the specified amending process?  I don’t think so. Mere amendments would be inadequate to fix serious problems that are due to the very structure and nature of the Constitution itself.

The foremost of these problems is the lack honesty and integrity in the current state of affairs. Of all mankind’s noble activities, the art of government is by far the one most tainted by deception. The structure of the U.S. Constitution encourages citizens to form gangs (political parties). Then the two largest gangs wage war for the power to impose the winner's will on its enemies (the other gangs), and on the rest of the population, even on those who are members of no gang. Cooperation is not encouraged, but rather suppressed.

Another serious structural problem is the unequal influence and power of individual citizens. Some individuals have enormous power, while many others have very little. It is said that we have a representative government. However, very few citizens are represented in a manner consistent with their own beliefs and preferences. Even special-interest lobbyists do not represent the full interests of members of their respective interest groups.

A third serious problem is that the U. S. Constitution is severely lacking in meaning.  Not even a Justice of the Supreme Court knows the meaning of the U. S. Constitution until the Justices take a vote. All citizens should know the meaning of the Constitution under which they live.

These problems cannot be corrected by tinkering with the present U.S. Constitution.  They can only be corrected by a new constitution. The three serious problems above are the root causes of most of our political problems, including special-interest lobbying, negative campaigning, earmarks, and fiscal irresponsibility.


I will be using a set of principles to guide me and challenge me in creating a New U.S. Constitution. Click here Good Government Principles to view these principles. Since my New U.S. Constitution is a work in progress, I welcome comments and suggestion that will aid me in making improvements.

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